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Comfort Client

R.H. Young Cooling & Heating, Inc. has a the plan that will work for you

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Work to be Performed

  • Being a Comfort Client with R.H. Young Cooling & Heating, Inc. provides a valuable "Free Annual Tune up" to your heating and air conditioning system. We will inspect and clean specified equipment, as needed, one time per year, and perform all services necessary to maintain the equipment in good operating condition. This tune up will help keep your system operating at peak efficiency, thus saving you from overpaying in utility costs.
  • Along with the "Free Annual Tune up", ($350-$400 value) other benefits are offered.
  • As a Comfort Client you will be guaranteed 48 hours service and 20% discount off all listed repairs in our Standard Pricing Guide.

The Customer will be contacted for approval when conditions necessitating, non-agreement repairs are diagnosed and repairs will be invoiced at the normal prevailing labor rate plus parts.

R.H. Young Cooling & Heating, Inc. will furnish you with a completed copy of our Service Engineers Report indicating what repairs, if any were necessary during each Tune up.

R.H. Young Cooling & Heating, Inc. will attempt to contact the client; however it is the client's sole responsiblity to arrange a scheduled annual maintenance appointment.


Listed below are the diagnostic rates. You will always receive a 20% discount on repairs, anytime, day or night.

Weekdays 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Comfort Client Diagnostic Rate
Standard Pricing Diagnostic Rate

Nights, Weekends, and Holidays

Comfort Client Diagnostic Rate
Standard Pricing Diagnostic Rate

Any appointments scheduled by R.H. Young Cooling & Heating, Inc. during normal business hours, Monday- Friday, 8:00-4:30pm (excluding nights, weekends, and holidays), the diagnostic rate will be $119.00.

Automatic Renewal, on a monthly basis, unless written notice of termination is given by either party, being R.H. Young Cooling & Heating, Inc. or Comfort Client.

General Conditions

System Design Performance - We will not be responsible for system design or its performance in maintaining design conditions.

Damage - We will not be liable for damages covered by vandalism, fire, flood, power fluctuations or brown outs, obsolescence or Acts of God or for any special, accidental, or consequential damages resulting from or occasioned by the use or failure of the specified equipment in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer.

Exclusions - To include but not limited to, cabinets, housings, bases, latches, mountings, paint & ductwork. Water and drain beyond the specified equipment order. Electrical service beyond the specified equipment which is not part of the original factory wiring (control wiring excepted). Moving or relocating the specified equipment. Repair due to unexpected freezing. Work made necessary by the enforcement of government codes of building regulations. Repair necessary to restore the specified equipment to satisfactory condition occasioned by someone other than our Service Engineers working on specified equipment.
*The first service call is not covered under plan

Warranty - Spare and replacement parts provided under the contract carry only such warranties or guarantees as made by the manufacturer. Repair workmanship is guaranteed for 90 days from date of repair. No warranties of merchantability or of fitness for a particular purpose apply.

Effective Only Upon Acceptance - This agreement it not binding on the parties until:

  • Signed and accepted by a representative from R.H. Young Cooling & Heating, Inc.
  • We both acknowledge that this proposal contains our entire agreement
  • I have read the agreement in full, and agree to all terms and conditions as they apply. I agree to pay the amount of $19.95 per system/per month to be enrolled as a client.

All information is kept confidental and is only used by R.H. Young Cooling & Heating, Inc. Cooling and Heating.